The new Child Care Subsidy has started

2 July 2018

This means Child Care Benefit, Child Care Rebate and JET Child Care Fee Assistance have stopped.

Families can now get Child Care Subsidy to help with the cost of child care.

If you’ve done your assessment or claim

If you’ve done this and we’ve assessed you, there’s nothing else you need to do. We’ll pay your subsidy directly to your child care provider to reduce the fees you pay.

You can check your assessment notice using your Centrelink online account via myGov. From the menu select Child Care Subsidy, then Child Care Subsidy summary.

From here you can:

  • check if we’ve assessed you
  • see how much you’re entitled to, and
  • update your details, if you made a mistake or your circumstances have changed

You can also check this for Additional Child Care Subsidy if you’ve applied and we’ve assessed you.

If you haven’t done your assessment

There’s still time. You must complete your assessment as soon as possible. If you don't, you’ll have to submit a new claim. Doing a claim will take longer than completing your assessment. You should do your assessment now so you don’t have to pay full fees.

For help, use our online guide to complete your Child Care Subsidy assessment.

If you need to claim Child Care Subsidy

If you need help with approved child care fees for the first time, you can claim Child Care Subsidy. You can do this using your Centrelink online account via myGov.

For help, use our online guide to claim Child Care Subsidy.

If you want to apply for Additional Child Care Subsidy

Some families may also be eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy. You must first claim and be eligible for Child Care Subsidy. There are 3 different types of ACCS you can now apply for:

  • Grandparent
  • Transition to Work, and
  • Temporary Financial Hardship

You can apply for these extra subsidies using your Centrelink online account via myGov.

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Page last updated: 6 July 2018