New requirements for mature age job seekers 30 and older

10 September 2018

From 20 September, there are stronger participation requirements if you’re a job seeker.

If you’re a job seeker, you may need to do extra activities so you can continue to meet your requirements.

jobactive changes

If you’re looking for work with a jobactive provider, you may have changes to your requirements. Your provider can tell you if your requirements have changed.

Voluntary work approved by Centrelink

If you’re between 55 and 59 you have the option to meet your requirements by doing voluntary work that’s approved by us. This is instead of being with a jobactive provider and looking for work.

If you’d like to take up this option, there may be changes to what you need to do.

You’ll still have to do at least 30 hours per fortnight if you’ve been getting Newstart Allowance or Special Benefit for less than 12 months.

However, you won’t be able to use only voluntary work. You must also:

  • spend at least 15 of the 30 hours in paid work
  • earn the equivalent of the minimum wage for 15 hours per fortnight.

Gain new skills

If you’re 50 and older, you can gain new skills through the Australian Government’s Career Transition Assistance Program. You can read about the program on the Department of Jobs and Small Business website.

Next steps

You can talk to your Employment Services Provider about the following:

  • what the changes to your requirements mean for you
  • what job search support is available

You can read about understanding your participation requirements on the Department of Jobs and Small Business website.

You can also read about mutual obligation requirements for:

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Page last updated: 28 September 2018