New rules for job seekers who miss requirements

14 June 2018

From 1 July 2018, there are new rules and stronger penalties for job seekers who don’t meet their requirements.

The new rules apply to job seekers in jobactive and Disability Employment Services. They also apply to participants in ParentsNext.

If you always meet your requirements, you probably won’t notice any change.

However, if you don’t meet your requirements your payment will stop until you talk to your provider. If you don’t have a valid reason, you may also get a demerit.

You could get a financial penalty if you:

  • get 5 demerits in 6 months or haven’t been turning up to job interviews, and
  • keep missing appointments or activities

This means you may lose some or all of your payment. In some cases, you could have your payment cancelled.

You won’t be able to avoid these penalties by doing an activity.

You can avoid demerits and penalties by:

  • going to your appointments and job interviews
  • doing your job search 
  • doing the activities in your plan, and
  • always letting your provider know beforehand if you can’t meet a requirement 

If you are in jobactive or Disability Employment services, you could also have your payment cancelled if you:

  • don’t accept or start a suitable job
  • quit a job without a valid reason, or
  • lose your job because of misconduct

If your payment is cancelled, you’ll need to submit a new claim and wait at least 4 weeks before you get paid.

The new rules don’t apply to job seekers in the Community Development Programme.

Next steps

Keep doing your job search and all the activities in your plan. Remember to go to your appointments and job interviews.

If your circumstances make it hard for you to meet your requirements, talk to your provider.

If you can’t go to an activity or appointment make sure you let your provider know beforehand.

To find out more, talk to your provider about the changes. They can show you how to keep track of your activities and attendance online.

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