A new year and a new adventure!

14 January 2020

It’s an exciting time with lots of changes to life, work and study. Make sure you keep us up to date with your plans.

You’ve had a break in study over the holidays, but now’s the time to get serious with your new year plans.

Are you getting a student payment and you decided to change course or move to part time study? You need to let us know about changes within 14 days.

If you don’t, we may pay you the wrong payment or the wrong amount. This means you may end up owing money that you’ll have to pay back.

Keep us up to date if you’ve made any changes to your studies or work. This includes if you’ve:

  • dropped a subject
  • changed courses
  • changed where you study
  • stopped studying completely
  • started a job.

Keep in mind, you need to tell us about any other change in circumstances.

You can update us with your change of circumstances using either:

Next steps

You can save time by asking questions at Student Update on  Facebook or  Twitter. Remember, you shouldn’t share your personal details when you contact us in a public space like social media.

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Page last updated: 15 January 2020