Online resources and support services for doing an income review

23 November 2017

We’ve developed a number of resources and services to help you complete your income review online.

We’re contacting people about income reported to us from a few years ago.

If you get a letter from us about an income review, it’s important you read it carefully. Our letter asks you to review and confirm your employment and income details online within 28 days. We can give you more time if you need it.

Online guides

You can use our online guide series to help you with your review:

Compliance phone number

We have a dedicated phone number you can call if you need help with your review.
Call 1800 086 400 and a Compliance Officer will help you. Please make sure you have all your relevant income details ready.

You can also call us if you’ve lost or forgotten your confirmation code. You may need to answer some questions to help us identify you.

You can call us yourself or appoint someone to deal with us on your behalf.

Next steps

If you get a letter from us about confirming your income, it’s important you complete your review, don’t ignore it.

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