Our Farm Household Allowance videos can help you

30 October 2017

Watch our new Farm Household Allowance videos to see how we can help you and your farm.

We know that applying for Farm Household Allowance is a big step. Our 3 videos will help you find out what you need to know to make claiming easy.

Our Farm Household Allowance video tells you why it’s something you should consider applying for. It lets you know what financial support you could get in hard times.

To help you work out if you can get it, watch our Farm Household Allowance Eligibility video. It walks you through what you need to be eligible.

To find out how to claim and who can help you, watch our Farm Household Allowance Claiming video.

Remember, the best way to claim is online and it’s important you send us all the documents we need when you do the claim.

Next Steps

Read more about Farm Household Allowance.

Call the Farmer Assistance Hotline.

Read about the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Rural and Financial Counselling Service or call them on 1800 686 175.

Page last updated: 9 November 2017