Program of Support requirements for Disability Support Pension

23 February 2018

Before you claim Disability Support Pension, make sure you’re aware of Program of Support requirements.

You may need to take part in a Program of Support for at least 18 months in the three years before claiming DSP. This includes the Community Development Programme which helps job seekers in remote areas of Australia find a job in their local community. We may ask if you’ve taken part in a program when you apply for DSP.

A Program of Support may help you look for a job, develop your skills with study or training, or with rehabilitation.

You may not need to take part in a program in some cases, such as if you:

  • have an intellectual disability with an IQ of less than 70
  • are permanently blind, or
  • need nursing home level care

You can also watch our DSP eligibility video.

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Page last updated: 28 February 2018