Save time, report your income online!

2 May 2018

You probably know you need to tell us your income if you start work. But did you know you can do this easily online?

You can report your income using:

Follow these 5 steps to report your income using the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

1. Sign in and select menu, then Report.

2. Select the arrows or swipe left or right to go to your current reporting period.

3. Touch the display of earned money and hours worked to enter your income details.

4. Select or add your employer using their ABN or business name, and enter your hours worked and income you earned.

5. Select the green tick icon, then read, accept and submit the declaration to finish reporting.

You generally need to report your income every 14 days. We’ll tell you when your reporting period starts and ends.

If you don’t have a reporting period, you still need to tell us about any changes in income.

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Page last updated: 7 June 2018