News for Separated parents

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It’s time to update your income details

14 September 2017

We need your income details to make sure your child is still eligible for their payment.

2015-16 tax returns are now overdue

31 August 2017

To avoid a debt, lodge your tax return or tell us that you don’t need to lodge one.

How you can improve your online security

28 August 2017

Take charge of your online security when you do business with us and avoid identity theft and scammers.

Our new look website arrived 27 August

27 August 2017

We’ve updated the website to make it easier to use.

Check, collect, claim and maintain

10 August 2017

Follow these easy steps to make claiming with us easier.

We’re asking you to create a voiceprint

10 August 2017

Voiceprint makes using our phone system easy, and it’s safer and more secure than using a PIN.

Centrelink payment summaries are now available

11 July 2017

Details from your 2016-17 Centrelink payment summary have been pre-filled for you in myTax.

Do you have reportable fringe benefits?

5 July 2017

The way we assess reportable fringe benefits has changed. This may affect your family income estimate.

Eligible recipients get one-off energy payment

15 June 2017

The One-off Energy Assistance Payment will be paid from 26 June 2017.

Our new look Payment and Service Finder is now available

13 June 2017

A great new way to help you find, estimate and compare payments, and locate services.

Don’t need to lodge a tax return?

9 June 2017

We still need information from you to balance your family payments.

Lodge your 2016-17 tax return so we can balance your payments

9 June 2017

We need to confirm your income before we can balance your family assistance payments.

The subsidy benefit does not exist - it’s a scam

7 June 2017

A new scam about a subsidy benefit is being emailed to people and claiming to be from us.