Tips to help you complete your income review

20 August 2018

Have you got a letter from us asking you to check your past income details? Here are some handy tips to help you.

Get your paperwork ready

We’ll ask you about the income you earned previously. You’ll need paperwork such as your bank statements or pay slips. Get these ready before you start.

Look up your employer

We’ll ask you to check your employer details. If you don’t see the name of your employer, you can look it up online when you do your review. Use the ABN Look-up? tool.  

Ask for more time

You have 28 days from when you get your letter to complete the review. 

You can ask for more time if you need it. When you sign in to complete your online review select Need more time? We’ll give you a 14 day extension. You can ask for an extension twice. 

Read our online guide for more details on how to get more time to do your Employment Income Confirmation.

Read our other online guides

We’ve got step by step online guides to help you complete your income review online.

You can also watch our video. It has more tips to help you complete your review online.

Next steps

If you get a letter about checking your income, it’s important not to ignore it. This applies even if you’re not currently getting a payment from us.

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Page last updated: 7 September 2018