Update your details so you get the latest jobseeker information

5 December 2017

Don’t miss out on important information about changes that may affect you.

If your details have recently changed, it’s important you let us know.

Keeping us up to date means we can contact you with information about changes to payments and services.

To make sure you don’t miss important information, tell us if you’ve changed your:

  • address
  • living arrangements, for example, if you own your own home, rent or live with parents
  • email, or
  • phone number

It’s also important to tell us if your circumstances change, so we can give you the right payment.

You can update your details:

View our step by step guide for updating your contact details through myGov.

If you need help accessing digital services, read our online help guides or visit a service centre.

Next steps

Tell us if your circumstances change.

Follow us on Twitter @Centrelink for updates and to ask us general questions.

To learn more about our payments and services:

Page last updated: 6 December 2017