Watch out for scams during tax time

Tax time is here and we’re already seeing scams targeting myGov users.

Watch out for scams during tax time news item

Scammers may pretend to be from myGov or organisations like the Australian Tax Office (ATO). They try and trick you into giving them money or personal details. They may say you’re entitled to a tax refund or that you need to pay a debt.

Scammers are getting sneakier, and it’s getting harder to spot a scam.

Watch out for fake emails and fake text messages

We’ll never send links to your personal email address or by text message.

A scammer may email or text you and make it appear the message is from us. These messages often include links that direct you to fake websites.

If you get a suspicious email or text message claiming to be from us or myGov:

  • don’t open it
  • don’t click on any links
  • don’t respond to the sender
  • delete the message
  • let us know about it.

Hang up on suspicious phone calls

We do call people, but if you’re unsure, hang up. You can then phone us to check if the call was real.

We would never threaten you with arrest or tell you to buy iTunes cards or other gift cards. If you get a phone call like this, it’s a scam. Hang up straight away.

Make sure you know the progress of your tax claim

You’re less likely to fall victim to a scam if you know when refunds, debts and lodgements are due.

Other tips to reduce the risk of a scam

  • keep your personal and banking details private
  • type the website address in your browser, for example, to sign in to your myGov account
  • check your bank and credit card statements each month for any suspicious activity
  • never give someone remote access to your computer
  • check your privacy settings on social media
  • warn your family and friends about scams.

Watch our video to learn more about scams during tax time.

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Next steps

If you’ve been scammed, please call our Scams and Identity Theft Helpdesk.

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Page last updated: 8 July 2019

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