We can help if your farm’s going through a tough time

15 March 2018

The Farm Household Allowance gives you and your family financial support.

The allowance is for farmers or their partners. Farmers must spend a major part of their time and capital working on the farm.

It’s a 3 year scheme for 1,095 days in total. But you don’t need to take it all in one go.

It gives a range of support to help improve your financial circumstances, including:

  • an income support allowance
  • a farm financial assessment to help you identify your farm business goals to make your farm viable
  • up to $1,500 to pay for the farm financial assessment by a Prescribed Adviser
  • a financial improvement agreement to support you achieve your goals
  • a dedicated Farm Household Case Officer
  • an Activity Supplement worth up to $4,000

A Farm Household Case Officer will help you look at your situation. They’ll work with you to develop a plan for the future. They will help you identify advice and training activities to improve your financial independence. You can pay for these with the Activity Supplement.

You may be able to get help preparing your claim for Farm Household Allowance from a Rural Financial Counsellor. They can also give ongoing support and may:

  • review your financial position
  • provide debt mediation
  • help negotiate loans, and
  • advise on succession planning

Watch our video about Farm Household Allowance.

Next steps

Read more about Farm Household Allowance.

Watch our YouTube videos about Farm Household Allowance Eligibility and Farm Household Allowance Claiming.

Call the Farmer Assistance Hotline on 13 23 16.

Read about the Rural and Financial Counselling Service on the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website. Or call them on 1800 686 175.

Page last updated: 4 April 2018