Wellness while you study

It’s important to look after your mental health while you’re studying. There are some great resources you can tap into.

Study, work and a social life can be a lot to juggle. Add sleep into the mix and you may feel like you’re running a race you can’t win.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s important to take some time to look after all areas of your life.

Keep reading to find out about payments, services and wellbeing support that may help you.


We help eligible students and Australian Apprentices with their everyday costs and study expenses.

You can read more about payments for student and trainees and see if you’re eligible for financial help.

You can also explore payment options based on your situation by using our Payment and Service Finder.

We also have some tips to help you manage money while you study or train.


#studentlyf can be exciting but daunting. You’re often in a new living situation and balancing your study with lots of other commitments.

You can manage your study stress by having a study plan and goals for each week. Create a study space that is comfortable and make sure you have everything you need for each study session. Being organised can help to make you feel more confident. Tips like these, plus a whole lot more are available at Headspace. If you’re a young person who’s studying or training and looking out for your mental and physical health, head on over.


Connecting with people and spending time with friends and family can improve your general wellbeing. Doing things you enjoy and having fun can help you relax and recharge.

Regular exercise can help keep you focused and energetic. If you do it with a group of people you tick both boxes! Reach Out has some great resources and practical suggestions to help you with almost every situation.


If you’re going through a difficult time our Centrelink social workers can help you. You can talk to them about seeking support, a personal or family crisis and mental health concerns. Read more about social work services for a range of other things you can chat about.

To contact a social worker you can:


Remember to rest. Getting quality sleep is important. Your brain and body use it to recharge and it's hard to beat the feeling of 8 hours of rest.

Head to Health is a digital mental health gateway by the Department of Health. It has tips on how to get a good night's sleep plus a host of other information. Have a read, your body and mind will thank you.

Next steps

Whatever your issues or concerns are, you’re not alone. Use the links in this article to look into what some of your support options are.

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Page last updated: 21 May 2019

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