We’re asking you to create a voiceprint

10 August 2017

Voiceprint makes using our phone system easy, and it’s safer and more secure than using a PIN.

Just like your fingerprint is unique to you, so is your voice. We’re using voiceprint technology to make accessing our phone system easy and more secure.

We use the features in your voice to create your voiceprint. Then, when you call, we use your voiceprint to identify you.

Your voiceprint replaces your Centrelink telephone PIN, so you won’t need to remember or use it ever again.

Getting a voiceprint is simple:

  • when you next call us, ask if you can create a voiceprint or wait for our staff to ask you to create one
  • use our voiceprint system to create your voiceprint by repeating the phrase In Australia my voice identifies me

After you’ve created your voiceprint, you can then use it to access our phone system and to do your Centrelink business using our phone self service next time to you call.

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Page last updated: 5 October 2017