What we wish we knew before we left school

5 September 2018

We share 5 things we’ve learned about our school years to help you decide what’s next in your journey.

  1. Don’t pressure yourself too much

You may have heard it before, but ATARs and OPs aren’t the only way to start further study. If you don’t get the result you want in your exams, there are still other options. You can do a TAFE or bridging course to get into uni.  

  1. You’ll probably change careers

People change careers between 5 and 7 times in their lifetime, on average. Your job might be totally different to what you study at uni. And where your career starts could be very different to where it ends.

  1. If you don’t like what you’re studying at uni, you can change it

You might start off doing a nursing course and then decide art history is for you. You can talk to your uni to get help and discuss your options. 

If you change courses while you’re getting a payment from us, you need to let us know. Changes to your circumstances may affect your payment.

  1. Be wary of following the crowd

You do you. If you’re not sure what you want to do after school, you can take some time to figure it out. Travelling or working might help you get different experiences and give you inspiration.

  1. There’s support available for your next adventure

You can workshop your options with mum and dad, or talk to a friend about your shortlist of courses.

You might also be eligible for support from us. You can get information and resources for different pathways you can take when leaving school.

If you’re thinking about further study, training or doing an Australian Apprenticeship, you may get Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY.

If you want to start work, go to the jobactive website for help on writing a resume and looking for work. You might also be eligible for Youth Allowance as a job seeker.

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