What you need to know if you’re on DSP and get compensation

10 May 2019

If you get a compensation payment, it may affect how much Disability Support Pension (DSP) you can get.

If you have an illness, injury or disability you may get a compensation payment.

This could happen if you:

  • have a work related illness
  • get injured in a car accident
  • slip or trip and hurt yourself
  • get injured because of the negligence or fault of someone else.

This payment may affect how much DSP we can pay you.

You’ll need to tell us about any compensation you intend to claim, have got, or are about to get. You can do this by completing the Compensation and damages form.

If you don’t tell us about the compensation you’ve got, we may have paid you too much. You may have a debt you’ll have to pay back.

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