Why should I follow you on Student Update Facebook?

2 October 2019

We may not have the latest hummus memes, but we have 5 great reasons to follow us.

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1. Get reminders

We post reminders for things you need to do to keep getting your payment like:

  • Do you need to update your parents’ income?
  • Do you know when student census is coming up?
  • Have you reported your income this fortnight?

2. Changes to payments

Our payments and payment rates can change. You may also need to give us information to keep getting your payment.

We post about payment updates that may affect you.

3. Ask questions

Save some time and ask questions at Student Update like:

  • What payments can I get when I leave Year 12 and start university?
  • Am I dependent or independent?

We also post answers to our most popular questions. Social media is not private or secure so don’t share personal information on Facebook or Twitter.

4. Tips on how to do things

We provide you with easy instructions and quick tips to keep your information up to date like:

  • reporting income
  • updating study details
  • changing your relationship status.

These are all things you can do online and we’ll show you how.

5. Links to other info and advice for students

We also share relevant information from our trusted partners like:

  • what to consider when you do your tax return
  • how to link your myGov account
  • advice on how best to manage your money.

Next steps

To get reminders, ask questions or have a laugh at our memes, follow us on Facebook.com/StudentUpdate.

Page last updated: 9 October 2019