Why we do income reviews

16 November 2017

We do reviews so we can confirm you are paid the right amount.

We check and review information you tell us about your income to make sure we pay you the correct amount. Our reviews may look at your current income as well as income you reported to us from a few years ago. To do this, we use information from other agencies, including the Australian Taxation Office.

We’ll send you a letter and ask you to review, update or confirm your income online. This isn’t a debt letter, but we do need you to check your details and it’s important you respond.

How we data match

We get information about your income from other government agencies. We match this with information you told us when getting a payment. If we find there’s a difference between the income you’ve reported and the details we receive from other agencies, we’ll ask you to use our online system to review, update and confirm your information.

What you need to do

You have 28 days to complete your review. You can log on to your Centrelink online account or follow the log on instructions in your letter. You can also ask for more time if you need it. To request an extension, use the web address in your letter to log on and click ‘need more time’ for a 14 day extension.

Next steps

If you get a letter from us, it’s important you don’t ignore it.

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Page last updated: 4 December 2017