Wife Pension and Widow B Pension are stopping

4 September 2019

This means you may transfer to another payment or your payment will stop on 20 March 2020.

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If you get one of these payments, we’ll send you a letter to tell you how this change affects you.

Widow B Pension

If you get Widow B Pension on 19 March 2020, you’ll transfer to Age Pension on 20 March 2020. This won’t change the amount you get.

Wife Pension

Your age and where you live will determine your eligibility to transfer to a new payment or not.

If you live overseas

If you get Wife Pension and are 66 or older, you’ll transfer to Age Pension on 20 March 2020.

If you’re 65 or younger on 20 March 2020, your payment will stop.

If your payment stops, you may be able to claim a different payment while you’re living overseas. Read more about our international social security agreements with certain countries. You should also talk to the social security authority in the country you live in.

If you live in Australia

If you get Wife Pension and Carer Allowance you’ll transfer to Carer Payment on 20 March 2020. Your Wife Pension will stop but you will get Carer Payment with your Carer Allowance.

If you only get Wife Pension, the payment you transfer to depends on your age. If on 20 March 2020:

  • you’re 66 or older, you’ll get Age Pension
  • you’re 65 or younger, you’ll get JobSeeker Payment.

Your payment amount will stay the same after you transfer.

Next steps

Read more about when Wife Pension stops.

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Page last updated: 18 September 2019