You can do the Bereavement Income and Assets review online

17 October 2019

It’s now easier for you to interact with us after your partner passes away.

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If you get a payment from us and your circumstances have changed, remember to tell us. Any change in your circumstances can impact your payment. This includes changes to your income and assets after you’ve lost your partner.

If you’ve recently lost your partner, we’ll ask you to complete a Bereavement Income and Assets review. You can do this online in your Centrelink online account

You can extend the review timeframe online by up to 3 months in certain circumstances. You can also upload the form or supporting documents using your online account or the app.

This saves you from having to call or visit us during a difficult time. But don’t worry, if you can’t do these things online, you can still call or visit us. We can give you a paper form to fill out.

We may also be able to help you with counselling and other support services following a death.

Did you know you can ask us questions on Facebook or Twitter? But remember not to give us your personal details over social media.

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Page last updated: 18 October 2019