Your payment may stop if we don’t know your parents’ income

22 October 2019

If your Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY payment has stopped, here’s why it may have stopped and what you need to do.

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Why your payment may have stopped

You may have got a letter from us about your parents’ income in late September or early October 2019. If we didn’t get your parents’ income details by the date in the letter we may have suspended your payment.

If you’re dependent, we review your parents’ income each year to make sure you’re still eligible for your payment. We also check that we’re paying you the right amount. We call this the Annual parental income reassessment.

What you need to do

Get your parents to follow the instructions in your letter.

We’ll automatically restore your payment if we get your parents’ income details within 13 weeks of when we suspended it.

We may cancel your payment if they don’t do this by 13 weeks after we suspended your payment.

If we cancel your payment, your parents must give us these details within 13 weeks after we cancel it. If they don’t, you’ll have to reapply and won’t get back paid.

If your parents don’t give us these details in time you may also get a debt. You may have to pay back your Student Start-up Loan or the Relocation Scholarship if you got them. If we paid your payment to your parents, they’ll be responsible for paying back any debts.

If you get ABSTUDY we need this information by 31 December or your payment will stop.

If you didn’t get a letter about your parents’ income, we don’t need their income information. We already have the information we need.

When your parents need more time to tell us their income

Your parents may be able to give us an income estimate if they don’t know their income yet.

Your parents may be able to get more time to give us their income details. They must have a good reason why they need more time. They’ll need to contact us on your payment phone number to talk about this.

Next steps

If you got a letter, get your parents to complete the income reassessment online.

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Page last updated: 25 October 2019