Older Australians subjects

A list of subjects for older Australians to help you find information about our payments and services.


  • A simple and secure way to access government services online and at myGov shopfronts.
  • We can help you to get information, payments and services if you need support.
  • Whether you are an older Australian planning for retirement or continuing to work past age pension age, we have payments and services to help with living costs.
  • If you travel or live outside Australia this may affect your health care, child support and Centrelink payments.



  • We check your employment income is correct so you get the right amount.
  • Our Express Plus mobile apps let you access your information and complete a range of services using your mobile device. We have apps for Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support.


  • We support people affected by family and domestic violence by providing information, resources and referrals.






  • If you’re looking for work, have recently lost your job, or are at risk of losing your job, there are payments and services to support you.


  • Use our tools and information to help you manage your money. The way you use your money will change during your life. We have some tips and tricks to help you at different times of your life.
  • You can manage some of your health care information using your Medicare online account or the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.



  • Payments and services for older Australians who are retired, planning for retirement or considering working past age pension age.


  • How to identify, report and protect yourself against scams pretending to be from us.
  • You can do most of your Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support business using our Express Plus mobile apps, online accounts or phone self service.
  • You can send us an image of your form, pay slip or other document straight from your mobile device or computer.
  • We provide support to grandparents, legal guardians and other family members who provide full time care for a child.


  • If you’re thinking about entering aged care, or you’re researching for someone you know, there are services and payments that can help.