Advise of travel outside Australia using your Centrelink online account - Online help

If you are leaving Australia to travel or to live in another country, you need to check how this might affect your Centrelink payments.


To get tailored information about how travelling outside of Australia may affect you, follow the steps below to add, view, update and remove overseas travel details.

Step 1: log on

Once you have logged into myGov and selected your Centrelink online account, you can then access the full menu options.


Step 2: menu

From the Menu, select Personal Details, then Travelling outside of Australia.


Step 3: add new travel details

From the Travelling outside of Australia page, select Add new travel details.


Step 4: your travel

You must now answer some questions in relation to your overseas travel. There are help and print icons if required.


Step 5: departing Australia

Select the calendar icon to advise of the date you are planning to leave Australia.


Step 6: return to Australia

There are 3 options available to advise when you're planning to return to Australia. Select the option that best explains your personal situation.


Step 7: select country

Select the drop down box and find the country you will be visiting. If you are visiting multiple countries, select the one where you’ll spend the most time.


Step 8: travel via cruise ship

Answer the question in relation to you departing Australia via cruise ship by selecting the tick or cross icon.


If you have children, a partner or you provide care for someone, you must advise if they are also travelling with you by selecting either the tick or cross icon.


Step 9: reason for travel

Where required, provide a reason for your travel by ticking the box against what best suits your personal situation.


Once you have completed all questions, select Next.


If you need to change any of the questions you have completed, select the back button and change them as required.

Step 10: review and submit

A summary of the details that you have entered will be displayed. Read the details on this page carefully. Once you are satisfied all of the information you have provided is correct, read the declaration and acknowledge your understanding by selecting I accept this declaration.

Select Submit to finalise.


Step 11: receipt

Your Receipt screen will now appear. A receipt number is provided, please take note of this for your records.

The Next Steps section will advise if you need to provide further evidence to finalise your updates. Details explaining the affect your overseas travel will have on your payments and cards are also provided here.


Select Finish to return to the Travelling outside of Australia page.

Step 12: travelling outside of Australia page

Your travel details will now appear on the Travelling outside of Australia page. Select the Home button to return to your Centrelink online account home page.


Step 13: return home

Once back at your Centrelink online account home page you can complete many other transactions as required or you can return to your myGov account.


Remember, for your privacy and security, always ensure that you sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

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Page last updated: 27 August 2017