Apply for a transfer to Age Pension with your Centrelink online account - Online help

Learn how to apply for a transfer to Age Pension with your Centrelink online account.


If you are receiving an eligible Centrelink income support payment and younger than age pension age, you will be sent an invitation to apply to transfer to Age Pension 9 weeks before you reach age pension age.

If you are already age pension age and receiving an eligible Centrelink income support payment instead of Age Pension, you can apply to transfer to Age Pension online anytime.

You must be registered for an online account prior to commencing your Transfer to Age claim online.

If you recently received a Transfer to Age Pension form and have already returned it to us, you do not need to complete this online transfer.

Step 1: get started

From your homepage, select Make a claim.

Select Get started from the Seniors category.

Start claim

Read the information displayed carefully.

Select Transfer to Age Pension to start your claim.

Step 2: answer questions

Additional information about this service will be displayed, along with some basic eligibility questions for you to answer.

We will use the most recent information provided to assess your claim. Check My Profile in your online account to view information that we have and to update any information that has changed.

You can select the various information headers and more detailed information will appear.

Select Next after you have answered the questions displayed.

Your claim will be broken down into sections. In each section we will ask you a number of questions to confirm your eligibility.

You can track your progress throughout the claim on the Your progress bar.

You can update your answers

If you need to update your answers to previous questions, return to the previous screen by selecting Back.

You can update or remove the details entered by selecting the corresponding icon, or select Add another to add additional details.

These options are available to you whenever displayed.

Ensure that you Save your response for each of the questions.

Select Next once you have answered the questions in each section.

When you have completed the questions within the Age Transfer section, the icon will change colour and appear with a tick.

Step 3: review and submit answers

A summary of the details you have provided will appear. Read the details on this page carefully. You may need to scroll to see all of the information displayed.

Select Update to make changes to each section as necessary. 

If the information you’ve provided is correct, select my obligations and read the terms and conditions.

Once you have read and understood my obligations tick the check box in the Declaration, then select Submit.

Your claim is now submitted

Select Continue to begin the process of providing supporting information.

Step 4: upload documents

If you need to give us supporting information we will provide you with a list of documents or forms you’re required to complete to support your claim.

If you are not prompted to supply additional documents, skip to the next step.

Select Upload documents and follow the prompts.

Select Next once you have provided us with all supporting documents.

Step 5: get claim ID and sign out

Once you finish your claim, we will give you a Claim ID. This is a reference number for you if you need to contact us about this claim.

  • To print a copy for your records, select Print
  • To return to the previous sections of your claim, select Back
  • To view your claims history or withdraw your claim, select Your Online Claims

Select Return to Online Services to return to the online account homepage.

Sign out

From your homepage you can complete other transactions or select the myGov icon to return to myGov.

For your privacy and security, sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

View other online account guides and video demonstrations about using your online account.

Page last updated: 7 November 2017