Claim a payment online with your Centrelink online account - Online help

Instructions on how to claim a payment with your Centrelink online account.


Read more about Centrelink payments you can claim online.

Remember to select My Profile and make sure your details are up to date before you start your claim.

Step 1: get started

From your homepage, select Make a claim.

Or, select the menu icon, followed by Apply for a Payment or Concession Card and Make a Claim.

On the Online claims page, you can View claim details, Withdraw claim, Continue claim or Cancel claim.

Select Start a new claim to begin your new claim.

On the Make a claim page, select Get started from the category which best describes your circumstances. In this example, we’ll select Get started in the Looking for work category to claim a Newstart Allowance payment.

Step 2: tell us your personal circumstances

We’ll ask you some questions to check your eligibility for your chosen payment type and help decide if you should claim this type of payment.

If you answer Yes to Do any of the following circumstances currently apply to you, an information box will appear. Please read the content.

Answer all the questions, then select Claim now.

If you need help, select the question mark icon.

We’ll give you a claim number which is your claim ID. Use your claim ID if you need to follow up with us about your claim over the phone or in person at a service centre.

We’ll also tell you how many days you have left to submit your claim. We base the timeframe on the earliest date possible we can pay you from, if you’re eligible for this payment. If your claim expires, you’ll need to start again.

You’ll need to provide supporting documents before you can submit your claim.

To begin your claim, select Get started in Confirm your basic details.

The next page will display 5 tabs. You’ll start on Relationship Details. Answer all the questions, then select Next.

You’ll automatically move to the next tab when you answer all the questions and select Next.


  • Help or the question mark icon if you need help
  • Back to go back to the previous page
  • Save to save your claim and finish it later
  • pencil icon to update details
  • bin icon to remove details

Step 3: tell us about your situation and finances

To tell us about your current situation, select Get started in Tell us about your situation.

Answer all the questions, then select Next.

To tell us about your finances, select Get started in Tell us about your finances.

Enter the details for your payment destination, this is the bank account where you want us to send your payments, then select Add.

The next page will display 8 tabs. You will start on Payment Instructions. The payment destination you just entered will display.


  • pencil icon to edit the payment destination details if they’re incorrect
  • bin icon to remove your payment destination details and start again

If the payment destination details are correct, select Next.

You’ll automatically move to the next tab when you answer all the questions and select Next.

Step 4: review claim

To review your claim, select Continue in Review your claim and submit.

If you need to go back and change any of your answers, select Change.

On the Review your claim page, we’ll give you a summary of your claim.


  • Expand section to see the information you gave us
  • Update to edit the details if they’re incorrect
  • Print to print your claim summary

If your claim summary details are correct, read your obligations. If you understand and agree with your obligations, select I have read, understood and accept my obligations.

Select Next.

To receive your payment, you must meet your obligations. Select my obligations to read the terms and conditions of your claim.

Step 5: submit supporting documents

Before you can submit your claim, there are tasks you must complete, such as giving us documents or forms to support your claim. These tasks will appear as Required in the Status column.

You’ll be able to submit your claim before completing all Required tasks if you’ve told us you’re in one of the following situations:

  • you’ve been affected by family and domestic violence
  • you’ve been in prison or psychiatric confinement for 14 days or more
  • you’re a humanitarian entrant in Australia for the first time
  • you’ve gone through a natural disaster not covered by the Disaster Recovery Payment

If the task status appears as Supplementary on this page, you’re not required to give us these documents for your claim assessment. However, submitting these documents will help us work out if you’re entitled to any supplementary payments and services.

If you have your documents ready now, select Upload next to the task you need to complete. You’ll need to upload documents for each task separately.

If you don’t have your documents ready, you can submit these documents later using the Upload documents button on your online account homepage, or by taking photos of your documents and uploading them through the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app. You have 14 days to submit your documents to support your claim.

For help with submitting your documents, follow our Submit documents with your Centrelink online account guide.

Once you submit your supporting documents, we will give you a receipt to let you know your document was successfully submitted. Please make a note of the Receipt Number for your records.

Select Return to Newstart Allowance Claim.

Once you’ve completed a Required task, the status will change to Done.

If you need to give us documents to confirm your identity, we’ll tell you this is a Required task. Select or View to read more about how you can confirm your identity.


  • Edit to change any of the documents you submitted
  • Back to go back to the Review your claim page
  • Save to save your claim and either give us the documents later or provide the documents in person

Once you confirm your identity, the only Required task remaining should be to book an appointment.

Step 6: book an appointment and submit claim

Select Book to schedule your appointment.

To book an appointment, select:

  • who will be attending the appointment from the dropdown list
  • the calendar icon and choose a date
  • a time from the drop down list in Please choose a time
  • your best contact phone number from the drop down list in What number should we call you on?

If your phone number doesn’t appear in the drop down list, select Other and enter your phone number.

Once you’ve entered all these details, select Next.

On the next page, we’ll confirm your appointment date, time and the phone number we’ll call you on.


  • Continue without submitting to go back to the Next steps page and go to Step 5
  • Submit your claim if you’ve completed all required tasks and you’re ready to submit your claim

On the next page, we’ll let you know if your claim submission has been successful.

Use your claim ID if you need to talk to us about your claim. You can do this by phone or in person at a service centre. We’ll also give you an Estimated completion date of when we will process your claim.


  • Withdraw claim to withdraw your claim if required
  • Notifications to view any messages about your claim
  • Tasks to view a list of your completed tasks and edit them if required
  • Review claim details to view the information you’ve given us

If you’ve told us you’re in a crisis situation, select payments and support services to read about further assistance available to you in your local area.

Select home page to return to your online account homepage.

Step 7: sign out

You can track the progress of your claim from your homepage. Select More details at any time to see what stage your claim is at.

From your homepage, you can also complete other transactions or select the myGov icon to return to myGov.

For your privacy and security, sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

View other online account guides and video demonstrations about using your online account.

Page last updated: 4 January 2018