Centrelink online account help - Complete your Child Care Subsidy assessment

Instructions on how you complete your Child Care Subsidy assessment.


On 2 July, child care fee assistance changed. Child Care Subsidy (CCS) replaced the old child care payments.

If you got a child care payment for approved care before this date, you need to complete a Child Care Subsidy assessment. If you haven’t done this, you need to do it now so we can assess you for the new subsidy. We’ll prefill any information you’ve already given us.

Your assessment will automatically save when you complete each step. If you need to stop your assessment, you should finish the step you’re on. An incomplete step won’t be saved. When you come back you can complete the remaining steps.

Step 1: get started

If you're not already in your Centrelink online account, sign into myGov and access your account. 

Select the Update your details to move to the new Child Care Subsidy task.

Step 2: complete your assessment

The number of steps you need to complete depends on your circumstances.

Complete each step by selecting Start.

This will take you to a new page. You’ll need to confirm the details we’ve prefilled for you, or give us new details. Once you’ve done this, select Next.

Once you complete a step, a tick will appear with the word Completed. Once you’ve finished one step, you can start the next one. If you need to make any changes, click Edit to update that step.

Once you’ve completed all the steps, select Continue.

If we need more information, we’ll ask you to upload supporting documents.

Select a document type from the drop down menu.

Select Choose files to select the document you want to upload.

Read and make sure you understand the declaration. Accept the declaration, then select Submit documents.

If you need help, read our online guide about submitting documents with your Centrelink online account. Follow the directions from Step 2 onwards.

To finish your assessment, you’ll need to give us all the documents we’ve asked for.

Step 3: review and submit

We’ll give you a summary of your details.

Make sure all the information is correct. You’ll need to scroll through it.

If you need to make changes, select Edit.

If all the details are correct, read the declaration. If you understand and agree with the declaration, select I accept this declaration. Then select Submit.

Step 4: receipt

We’ll give you a receipt to let you know we’ve received your update. There’s no need to call us. We’ll notify you once we’ve assessed your claim. Please make a note of the Claim ID for your records, then select Return Home.

Step 5: sign out

From your homepage, you can complete other transactions or select the myGov icon to return to your myGov account.

For your privacy and security, sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

If you didn't sign in from my.gov.au, select Logout.

View other online account guides and video demonstrations about using your online account.

Page last updated: 21 September 2018