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Instructions on how to report your employment income and Job Plan requirements using the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.


There are things you must do to keep getting your payment and increase your chance of finding work.

Read more about mutual obligation requirements.

You need to report on or after your reporting date, you can’t report early. To avoid delays with your payment, you must report by 5 pm local time on your reporting date.

Step 1: get started

Select Reporting from Tasks, or Report from Frequently used on your home screen.

Select Start.

The Report screen will display.

You have 2 options to report your income. You can either:

  • manually report at the end of your reporting period
  • use the timesheet tool to report your income as you earn it.

To manually report, select Earned $0.00 and worked 00:00hrs and go to Step 2.

If you did not earn any income, select the Tick icon and go to Step 6.

If you used the timesheet to record your income during your reporting period, select the calendar icon. We will ask if you want to import the information you entered. Select YES.

To find out how to use the timesheet to report your income as you earn it, go to Step 4.

If you need help, select the 3 dots, then the question mark icon.


Step 2: add new employer

If your employer is on the list, go to Step 3.

You need to add your employer’s details before you can report your income from them.

To add an employer, select the plus icon.

There are 2 ways to find your employer. Enter either your employer’s:

  • 11 digit ABN (Australian Business Number)
  • Business name.

Then select the tick icon to search.


Step 3: report employment income

Select your employer from the list.

You’ll need to report income earned for the reporting period.

Enter the amount of income you earned for the reporting period.

This is the gross amount you earned before tax for the reporting period.

You also need to tell us how many hours you worked during the reporting period. Enter your work Hours to the nearest hour. Select the tick icon

For example, if you worked 3.1 hours you would enter 3.

If you need to change the details, select the cross icon.

If the details are correct, select the tick icon.

If you or your partner have more than 1 job, you need to report income for each employer. You can repeat this step.

Go to Step 5 to report your requirements if you have a Job Plan.

Go to Step 6 to review and submit the information if you don’t have a Job Plan.

Step 4: use the timesheet

The timesheet can help you record your income as you earn it. You can’t use the timesheet to record your partner’s income. To help you report your income, we can use the information you put into the timesheet.

Select More from the app’s home screen.

Select Timesheet.

Select the day you worked.

You need to add any new employers before you use the timesheet, to record income for a new employer.  To add a new employer, go to Step 2.

Make sure all your employers are on the list.

Select your employer from the list, then the plus icon.

Use the minus and plus icons to enter the time you worked in hours and minutes.

Once you have entered the time you have worked, select the tick icon.

Enter your Hourly rate, in Australian dollars and cents, including the decimal point.

Your Hourly rate is the gross amount before tax.

When you’re finished, select the tick icon.

Once you have entered your Hourly rate we will calculate how much you earned.

Select Close.

A dot will display next to the day that you added information.

To add details for another day, select a new date. Repeat this step for each day you worked.

When you’re finished, select More.

Select the Home icon to go back to your home screen.

If you are finished updating your timesheet, go to Step 7 to sign out.

Step 5: update Job Plan requirements

After you’ve reported your income, you need to tell us if you’ve met your Job Plan requirements.


Yes, followed by the tick icon, then go to Step 6.

No, followed by the tick icon.


If you have not met your Job Plan requirements, you cannot complete your report.

Select either:

  • Contact us to phone us and report over the phone
  • Not now if you want to contact us later.
It’s important that you contact us before 5 pm on your reporting day. Otherwise you may not receive your payment on time.

Select the home icon to go back to your home screen, then go to Step 7 to sign out.

Step 6: review and submit

Your reported earnings will display. To submit your report, select the tick icon.

Read the declaration. If you understand and agree with the declaration, select I accept and submit.

Select OK.

We’ll give you a receipt. It will show you Your next payment. Please keep the Receipt ID for your records.

Your receipt will also include your or your partner’s next payment.

Select the home icon to go back to the home screen.

Select YES.

Step 7: sign out

For your privacy and security, sign out when you’ve finished using the app.

To sign out, select the settings icon, then Sign out.


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Page last updated: 28 May 2019

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