Express Plus Lite mobile app help - Register for an online account for Express Plus Lite

Instructions on how to register for a Centrelink online account so you can use the Express Plus Lite mobile app to report employment income.


Use the Express Plus Lite mobile app to report employment income.

You can report your income in other languages.

You must have your Customer Reference Number (CRN) to register for an online account. You can find your CRN on a letter we’ve sent you or on your Health Care Card, if you have one. If you don't have a CRN or don’t know it, call us. We’ll ask you some questions to confirm your identity, and then help you with your CRN.

Step 1: get started

To start your Centrelink online services registration, select My Centrelink Reference Number (CRN). Enter your CRN. Tell us if you’re using your own CRN, then select Continue.

You can stop your registration at any time. To do this, select Cancel. You’ll then return to the Online Services Registration page.

Step 2: prove your identity

We’ll ask you some questions about your Centrelink record. You can find the answers on:

  • a letter we’ve sent you
  • a bank statement from the bank where we deposit your Centrelink payments
  • your concession card, if you have one
  • any proof of identity documents you’ve given us in the past, such as a driver licence or passport

It will be helpful to have all of these documents with you, so you can prove your identity.

Select Start now.

Answer as many questions as you can on the Identify yourself page, then select Continue.

Answer all the questions on the Prove who you are page, then select Continue. If you don’t answer the questions correctly, we’ll ask other questions.

Read the information in the Progress update, then select Continue.

Step 3: secure your account with a password and secret questions

Create a new password. Your password is not case sensitive and:

  • must be between 6 and 8 characters long
  • must include letters and numbers
  • can contain some special characters, including:
    !  @ # $ % ^ & *
  • must not use obvious patterns like 12345a or 111222a
  • must not be the same as an earlier password

Confirm your password by entering it again, then select Continue.

Create or choose 5 secret questions and answers, then select Next. Only you should be able to answer the questions.

Step 4: tell us if you want phone self service

You also have the option to register for phone self service. You can set it up now or later.

If you don’t want to set up phone self service now, choose I do not want to access phone services, then select Continue.

Setting up phone self service

If you want to access phone self service, choose how you want to access it, using either:

  • a Personal Identification Number (PIN), or
  • Speaker Verification, we call this a voiceprint

Select Continue.

If you chose to register and use a PIN to access phone self service, we’ll ask you to create a PIN.

Your PIN must:

  • be 6 digits in length
  • contain only numbers
  • not repeat or use a pattern, like 111111, 123456 or 121212

Enter a New PIN.

Enter your PIN again to confirm, then select Continue.

If you selected to register to use Speaker Verification and create a voiceprint, you’ll get a temporary PIN for phone self service. Enter this PIN the first time you use phone self service, and follow the steps to create a voiceprint.

Write down your PIN, then select Continue.

Step 5: accept conditions of use

To complete your registration, read and accept the Centrelink eServices Conditions of Use. If you understand and agree with the Conditions of Use, select Yes, then select Continue. If you don’t accept the Conditions of Use, select No and we’ll cancel your registration.

We’ll let you know when your registration is complete and give you your personal Customer Access Number (CAN).

Take note of your CAN. You’ll need it to download and set up the Express Plus Lite mobile app in Step 6.
Once you have your CAN, you should close the registration page.

Step 6: download the Express Plus Lite mobile app

You’re now ready to download the Express Plus Lite mobile app.

If you need help, read about the Express Plus Lite mobile app. Download the Express Plus Lite app for your device.

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Page last updated: 16 October 2018