Centrelink online account help - reset your forgotten password

Instructions on how to reset your password for your Centrelink online account.


To reset your password, you will need your Customer Access Number (CAN) and to answer your secret questions.

If you have not recorded at least 3 secret questions, you will need to re-register for a Centrelink online account.

If you don't have a CAN, visit your nearest service centre and confirm your identity to get one.

Step 1: tell us you’ve forgotten your password

After you have attempted to log in to your Centrelink online account, select I’ve forgotten my password.

Step 2: enter your account details

Enter your Customer access number (CAN) then select Next.

If you don’t know your CAN or haven’t recorded at least 3 secret questions, you will need to re-register for Centrelink online account.

Answer your secret questions, then select Next.

Step 3: reset your password

Enter your CAN, then enter a new password. Confirm your new password, then select Submit.

Your new password:

  • is not case sensitive
  • must be between 6 and 8 characters long
  • must include letters and numbers
  • can contain some special characters, including:
    !  @ # $ % ^ & *
  • must not use obvious combinations like 12345a or 111222a
  • must not be the same as a previous password

We’ll tell you when your password has been reset.

Select Continue.

Step 4: log in to your Centrelink online account

Enter your CAN and new Password, then select Next.

Answer your secret question, then select Log in.

You’re now logged in to your Centrelink online account.

Step 5: log out when finished

You are now logged on to your Centrelink online account and can complete transactions as required.

For your privacy and security, always LOG OUT of your Centrelink online account when you have finished using it.

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Page last updated: 24 May 2018