Update your address and accommodation details using your Centrelink online account - Online help

You can update your address, accommodation and contact details using your Centrelink online account.


This guide provides a step by step process for updating your contact details using your Centrelink online account through myGov. You can also update your details using our Express Plus mobile apps.

It is important that you tell us if your circumstances change. Keeping us up to date means we can contact you and correctly assess your eligibility for payments and services. This includes telling us if any of your address, accommodation or contact details change.

You can ensure that your address details are up to date with all your linked member services by using the Update Your Details option in your myGov account.

Select need help to access the full myGov help menu.

need help button

Follow the below steps to update your address and accommodation details, using your Centrelink online account.

Step 1: sign in

Once you have signed into myGov and selected your Centrelink online account, select Personal Details from the menu. Go to Step 3.

If you have updated your home address via the Update Your Details service within myGov, go to Step 2.

sign in

Step 2: confirm your address

A message in the Reminders tile will advise that you must Confirm your address if you have updated your home address via the Update Your Details service in myGov.

Select Confirm your address within the Reminders message.

confirm your address

Confirm your address update by selecting an option from the drop down box, then select Next and go to Step 6.

confirm home address

Step 3: to update all your contact details using your Centrelink online account

You can either:

  • Select Personal Details from the Menu. You can choose to update your address, accommodation and contact details in 1 transaction, or update each option individually.

personal details menu


  • Alternatively if you have a current address, accommodation and contact details, you can access My Profile from your Centrelink online account homepage

my profile screen

Step 4: my profile

From the My profile page, select my contact.

my contact icon

Select the arrow icon, in the address, accommodation or phone sections to update your contact details.

my contact screen

update address details button

Step 5: select address

You can select more than 1 address type to update, such as home or postal address. Select the address type.

If you have a partner, their address will also be updated.

If your relationship status has changed you will need to contact us immediately as an address change may affect your payments.

address and accomodation screen

Once selected, further options are made available to add, remove or change your address. Select the option that best suits your personal situation, then select Next.

You can only select 1 option from the expanded option list per address type.

address and accomodation screen - option selected

Step 6: add or update addresses

You can use the following information to add or update your home or postal address.

Enter the suburb or postcode of your home address.

We use the suburb and postcode function to ensure we get correct information. We also help you by providing a list of locations to choose from.

suburb and postcode function

Enter your Street address, as well as your address start date.

Then select Next.

add home address screen

Step 7: update or delete your contact details

You can view, edit, delete or add your phone and email details on the Contacts page.

contacts screen

If you don’t need to update any of these contact details, select Next and go to Step 9.

To edit details we already have, select the pencil icon next to the contact type.

edit contact details - pencil icon

Edit your details as required, then select Done.

contact details - done button

The contact details are now showing as edited on the contacts page.

edited contact details

To delete contact details, select the bin icon next to the contact type you want to delete.

contact details - bin icon

We will then ask you to confirm the deletion of the contact. You must confirm if this information is also to be deleted for your partner, by selecting the tick, then select Yes.

contact details - confirm removal

If you are registered to receive electronic messages by email or SMS, deleting your email or mobile number will end your subscription to this service.

If you have accidentally deleted a contact, select Undo.

contact details - undo button

Step 8: add new contact details

To add new contact details, select Add new contact.

add new contact button

Select a contact type from the drop down box.

contact type option

contact type list

You have the option to provide further details, for example if your number is unlisted, by selecting the tick or cross icons.

Once you have updated your new contact details, select Done.

add new contact - done button

The new contact details will now be listed.

Select Next to continue.

contact details - next button

Step 9: new accommodation details

Accommodation details include your living arrangements. For example, owning your own home, renting or living with parents.

Select the option that best describes your accommodation arrangement.

Then select Next.

new accomodation screen

In this example, paying private rent was selected. Based on this selection there will be further questions in relation to your rental details. Other questions may be asked based on your selection.

Then select Next.

new accomodation details

Select the accommodation type that best suits your personal situation.

accommodation type list

Once you have completed all the rent questions and options on the Rent type page, select Next.

rent type screen

Step 10: review and submit

We provide a summary of all the updated details you’ve provided to us. Read through the information carefully to ensure it is correct.

review and submit screen

If any of the details need to be changed, select Back and update as required.

If the details are correct, read and accept the declaration and select Submit.

accommodation - confirm details

Step 11: receipt

Once the update has been submitted you will receive a receipt number, confirmation of your update, as well as details of future entitlements and any important information and reminders.

You only need to contact us if you receive a message asking you to.

If verification of your rent details is required a request for this will be issued to you via mail. The best way to access this information is by registering to receive your letters online.

For a full summary of the details that have updated, select Information you have provided, to expand the page to display your updates.

Select Return to my profile.

contact details - receipt

Select the Home button to return to your online account homepage.

home icon

Step 12: online account homepage

Once back on your online account homepage, you can complete other online transactions as required, or you can return to your myGov account.

online account homepage

For your privacy and security, ensure you sign out once you have finished using your myGov account.

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Page last updated: 18 January 2018