Child Support online account help - Advise change of care arrangements

You can tell us about change of care arrangements using your Child Support online account.


When care arrangements for your children change there may be impacts to child support payments you make or receive.

Read more about how your percentage of care affects your child support.

Step 1: log on

Once you have logged onto myGov and selected your Child Support online account, you can access the full menu options.

Step 2: select menu item

Select the Children menu item, then Advise a change of care.

Step 3: select a case

For each child support agreement you have in place, you will have a corresponding case. You may have multiple children using the same case number based on your family circumstances.

If your new care arrangements apply to ALL children of one case, you make changes to the case number. To start this process select the right case number.

If your care arrangements only apply to some of the children or they vary between children of a single case, you will have to make the changes to the individual child. To start this process select the right child’s name.

Step 4: enter care details

Enter the new care details in the required fields.

Tell us the start date of when the new arrangements begin. You can type the date or use the calendar icon to do this.

Select the care option that applies to your change.

Frequency – you will then provide the number of nights and frequency of your new arrangement

Percentage – you will then provide the percentage of care you have.

Care calendar – you then select the dates that you’re providing care, using the calendar.

For further instruction click the question mark icon.

Select CALCULATE for an estimate of the new percentage of care based on the details you have provided.

You will need to advise whether the calculated estimate is an accurate reflection of the care you provide to your children by selecting either Yes or No.

Select NEXT to continue.

Step 5: parenting plans / court orders / agreements

Read the information about parenting plans, court orders and agreements carefully.

Answer the questions displayed based on your individual circumstances.

Additional questions may appear based on your responses.

Once you have answered all questions displayed, select NEXT to continue.

Step 6: summary and submit

A summary of the changes you have provided will be displayed. Read all the information on this page carefully.

If any of the details are incorrect select Previous to go back and correct these details.

Step 7: submit

If the summary is correct select SUBMIT to finalise your updates.

Step 8: confirmation of transaction

An information box will display and confirm your transaction.

Step 9: print or close

You can print this page by selecting PRINT.

You are unable to view this information after you have left this page.

Select Close to return to your Child Support online account home page.

Step 10: sign out

Once you are back on the home page, you can complete other transactions or return to your myGov account.

Remember, for your privacy and security, always ensure that you Sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

View other online account guides and video demonstrations about using your online account.

Page last updated: 6 August 2018