Child Support online account help - Advise of non-agency payments

You can advise of non-agency payments using your Child Support online account.


This guide provides a quick and easy, step by step process on how to record a non-agency payment using your Child Support online account.

Even if we collect and transfer payments for you, sometimes you may want or need to make payments that can be recognised as child support privately. These types of payments are often referred to as non-agency payments.

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Step 1: log on

Once you have logged on to myGov and selected your Child Support online account, you can then access the full menu options.

Step 2: select menu item

Select the Payments menu item then Advise of non-agency payments.

Step 3: select case

For each child support agreement you have in place, you will have a corresponding case number. You may have multiple children using the same case number based on your family circumstances.

Select the correct case number that your non-agency payment needs to be recorded for.

Select NEXT to continue.

Step 4: introduction page

Answer all of the questions on this page.

Select NEXT to continue.

Step 5: payment details

Enter the details of your non-agency payment. You will need to tell us the:

Payment date – the date you paid. You can enter a date or use the calendar icon

Payment type – you can select from the options listed in the drop down menu.

Payment description – you can select from the options listed in the drop down menu.

Amount – put in the total amount you paid

Allocation – enter your allocations percentage.

Select ADD NEW to advise us of additional payments you have made.

Once you have told us of all your payments, select NEXT to continue.

Step 6: summary and submit

A summary of the information you have entered will appear. Read all the information on this page carefully.

If any details are incorrect select Previous to go back and correct these details.

If the details are correct select SUBMIT.

Step 7: confirmation of transaction

An information box will display and confirm your transaction..

You can print the confirmation of transaction by selecting PRINT.

You are unable to view this information after you have left this page.

Select CLOSE to return to your Child Support online account home page.

Step 8: sign out

Once you are back on the home page, you can complete other transactions or return to your myGov account.

Remember, for your privacy and security, always ensure that you Sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

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Page last updated: 6 August 2018