Child Support online account help - Update bank details

You can update your contact details using your Child Support online account.


This guide provides a quick and easy step by step process on how to update your banking details using your Child Support online account.

Step 1: sign in

Once you have signed into myGov and selected your Child Support online account, you can then access the full menu options.

Step 2: select menu item

Select the ‘Personal details’ menu item, then Update bank details.

Step 3: bank details

Read the information about updating bank details via your Child Support online account.

Enter your new bank details in the required fields, then select NEXT.

If you make a mistake, use the Reset Form button to start again.

Step 4: submit

Once you have selected NEXT, review the details that you’ve entered to make sure they are correct.

If all of the details are correct, select SUBMIT.

If any of the details are incorrect, select Back to edit your details before submitting.

Go back to Step 3.

Step 5: confirmation

The Confirmation of Transaction page lets you know your update has been received.

Select the Close button to return to your Child Support online account home page.

Step 6: sign out

Once you are back on your home page, you can complete other transactions or return to your myGov account.

Remember, for your privacy and security, always ensure that you sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

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Page last updated: 6 August 2018