Child Support online account help - Update employer details

You can update your employer details using your online account.


This guide provides a quick and easy, step by step process on how to update your employer details using your Child Support online account.

Step 1: sign in

Once you have signed in to myGov and selected your Child Support online account, you can then access the full menu options.

Screenshop displaying log in myGov

Step 2: select menu item

Select the Personal details menu item, then Update employer.

Screenshop displaying personal details

Step 3: update Employer

The Update employer details screen will appear. Read the information on this page carefully, as you may need to update your income if it has also changed.

Screenshot displaying update employer details

Enter your new employer details making sure you complete all the required fields.

Screenshot displaying new employer details

If you make a mistake, select Reset Form to clear your responses and start again.

Screenshot displaying reset form page

If you no longer wish to proceed, select Cancel to return to your Child Support online account home page.

Go to step 5.

Screenshot displaying select cancel page

Select the SUBMIT button once you have entered and checked all of your updates.

Screenshot displaying submit button page

Step 4: confirmation

A confirmation page lets you know your update has been received.

Screenshot displaying confirmation page

You can print this page by selecting Print. You are unable to view this information after you leave this page.

Screenshot displaying print page

You can return to your Child Support online account home page by selecting Home.

Screenshot displaying return to child support home page

Step 5: sign out

Once you are back on your home page, you can complete other transactions or return to your myGov account.

Screenshot displaying home page or return to myGov account

For your privacy and security, ensure that you sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

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Page last updated: 6 August 2018