Child Support online account help - Update income for a previous financial year

You can update your income for a previous financial year using your Child Support online account.


It is important to keep you income details up to date to ensure your child support assessment and child support payments are accurate.

Current Child support assessments use your adjusted taxable income from a previous year to determine your child support payments. Learn more about how we use your income to calculate child support payments.

This guide provides a quick and easy, step by step process on how to update your income for a previous year using your Child Support online account.

You only have to follow this guide if you haven't submitted your tax return to the Australian Taxation Office.

Step 1: sign in

Once you have signed in to myGov and selected your Child Support online account, you can access the full menu to make your selection.


Step 2: select menu item

Select the Income menu item, then Update your income for a previous financial year.


Step 3: tax year

This page provides information about what income details you need to provide.


You must answer all questions before progressing.

Use the drop down arrow to select the tax year you are supplying income for.


Select NEXT to continue.


Step 4: income details

Complete all the questions on the Income details page.


When you have completed all of the questions, select NEXT to continue.


Step 5: summary and submit

A summary of the details you have entered will be provided.

Check the details you have entered carefully and be sure to read the Important information at the bottom of the page.


If any details are incorrect, select Previous to go back and correct these details.

You can also select Cancel if you want to cancel your update.


By selecting SUBMIT you declare the information provided is complete and correct.


Step 6: confirmation of transaction

The Confirmation of transaction page lets you know we have received your update.


You can't view this information after you leave this page, so you may want to print this page by selecting PRINT.


Select Close to return to your Child Support online account home page.


Step 7: sign out

Once back on your home page, you can complete other transactions or return to your myGov account.


Remember, for your privacy and security, ensure that you sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

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Page last updated: 6 August 2018