Submit a Medicare claim using your online account - Online help

Learn how to submit a Medicare claim with supporting documents using your online account.


You can’t claim all Medicare services online. Read more about the Medicare services you can claim when submitting a Medicare claim online.

As part of your Medicare claim you need to submit details of your consultation and any other receipts required to support your claim. These documents can be sent to us electronically. Providing documents online is safe, secure and convenient.

Your documents should be scanned and saved onto your computer. You can upload up to 10 files to a maximum of 5MB for all files uploaded. We can only accept documents in the following formats:

  • pdf
  • jpg

If you are using a publicly accessed computer to scan and upload your documents, we recommend that you delete the document from the computer after you’ve completed your claim.

Step 1: sign in

Once you have signed in to myGov and selected your Medicare online account, select Lodge a Medicare Claim.

Alternatively, select Lodge a Medicare Claim from the main menu.

Make sure you have your supporting documents saved to your computer. This may include copies of receipts or accounts from the doctor or health professional.

Step 2: check if you can claim the Medicare service

Read the important information displayed carefully.

You can’t claim all Medicare services online. To check if you can claim the services provided online, enter the item number in the Item number field and select Check item number.

If you need help to locate the item number select Where can I find the item number?

You can select Cancel to return to the home page or select START CLAIM to continue.

If you need assistance throughout the claim, you can select any of the highlighted text to access more information.

For example:

Step 3: patient details

If there are multiple people listed on your Medicare card, select the patient listed who received the service.

Step 4: payment details

Select Yes if the account has been paid in full or No if the account has not been paid in full.

Step 5: servicing Provider Number

Enter the provider number of the Doctor or Health Professional who treated the patient.

The provider number is s combination of letters and numbers up to 8 characters long. It can be found on the receipt or account from your health professional.

Step 6: details of the services provided

Enter the details of the service provided in the corresponding fields, then select NEXT.

You can claim up to 5 services for the same provider and the same patient.

Step 7: providing supporting documents for your claim

Select Browse to locate the relevant file that has been saved to your computer.

A separate window will open. Choose your file, then select Open.

You can upload a maximum of 10 files for each claim. They must be in an accepted format and total less than 5MB together. Acceptable formats include pdf or jpg.

Select Attach to upload your selected file.

We will confirm if your file uploaded successfully and will list all files attached to your claim.

If you need to upload additional files for this claim, repeat the process by selecting Browse.

If you have made a mistake, select Remove to remove the corresponding file.

Once you have uploaded all the files that relate to your claim, select NEXT.

Step 8: claim summary

A summary of the details you’re about to submit will be displayed.

If any of the details displayed are incorrect, select the corresponding Update or Change option to amend these details.

If all of the details are correct, read and accept the declaration and select SUBMIT CLAIM.

Step 9: claim successful

Your Medicare Benefit payment details and Claim ID number will be displayed to confirm your claim is successful.

Select Lodge another claim to lodge another claim if required, or select RETURN TO ONLINE ACCOUNT.

Step 10: sign out

Once you are back at your online account homepage you can complete other transactions, or you can return to your myGov account.

For your privacy and security, ensure you sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

View other online account guides and video demonstrations about using your online account.

Page last updated: 22 January 2018