myGov help - Set up myGov Access

Instructions on how to set up myGov Access with your myGov account.

If you have a question about using myGov, you can ask the myGov digital assistant (DA). Go to the myGov website, select Ask a question and type your question. The DA will answer your question.

You can use myGov Access to sign in to myGov and access your Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support online accounts.

myGov Access is a secure sign in option for myGov users. myGov Access creates a one-time access code on your mobile device. This means you don’t get your code sent to you as an SMS.

You’ll need to use myGov Access on this device every time you sign in to myGov. If you delete myGov Access or lose this mobile device, you risk being locked out of your myGov account. For more information go to myGov help.

You can only use myGov Access on one device and connect it to one myGov account. You can change your device or delete the app. But, you must first go to your myGov Account settings and change your sign in options.


Step 1: get started

Create a myGov account if you don’t already have one.

Download myGov Access to your device.

Download an Express Plus mobile app from the App Store Download an Express Plus mobile app from Google Play

Open the app.

Read How it works, then select Let’s begin.

Read and accept the Terms of Use, by clicking on the link.

Once you have read the Terms of Use select the cross icon to exit the screen. This will take you back to the Begin Setup page.

If you understand and accept the Terms of Use, select Accept and continue.

Step 2: register your app and device

Enter your myGov Username or email address and Password, then select Sign in.

Depending on your current sign in preference, you’ll need to:

  • enter the SMS code sent to your mobile phone, or
  • answer the secret question

Select Next.

Select Continue.

You have now set up myGov Access on your device and connected to your myGov account.

To learn more, click on the information icon on the top right hand of the screen.

The app will create a one-time access code that will display on your screen. A 30 second countdown will appear under the code. This will show you how much time you have left to use this code. You can tap on the code to copy it.

The app will create a new code every 30 seconds. When the app creates a new code it will display on your screen. You should use the new code to sign in.

To close the app, click on your phone’s home button.

When you sign in to myGov, you’ll need to use myGov Access to get a one-time access code. To get your one-time access code, open the app and your code will display on the screen. Use the code to sign in.

You can still get into your myGov account if you’ve deleted MyGov Access or changed your mobile device or number.  To do this, you’ll need:

  • the email address registered to your account, and
  • to have previously had your security code sent to you as a text message, before you used myGov Access.

Use our online guides to help you update your mobile number with myGov:

  • to get a text message code, or
  • if you use a myGov Access code

Page last updated: 12 December 2018

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