Aged care means tests

Aged care financial disclosure

If you're in aged care, your aged care provider might need information about your payments from us and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

We can give this information to them with your or your nominee’s consent. The nominee must have Power of Attorney before they can give consent.

How to give consent

To give your aged care provider access to your financial information you need to fill out the relevant form. Once we get your consent your aged care provider will be able to request your financial information from us.

New aged care recipients

If you're new to care you can give us consent when you fill in the relevant assessment form:

Aged care recipients already in care

If you're already in care, you or your nominee can give consent by completing the Aged Care Financial Disclosure Consent form.

You can also use this form to consent to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs giving your financial information to your aged care provider.

How to withdraw your consent

You or your nominee can withdraw your consent at any time. This means we can no longer give your financial information to your aged care provider.

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