Parent or guardian responsibilities

There are certain responsibilities your parent or guardian must meet when you get ABSTUDY Fares Allowance.

Parents or guardians must:

  • contact your child’s boarding school or hostel:
    • at least 6 weeks before your child needs to travel, or
    • as soon as possible if they’re travelling for compassionate reasons
  • tell the boarding school or hostel if your child is travelling there for the first time or needs a supervisor to go with them
  • not tell family or friends to collect your child mid trip between home and the school - your child could miss travel booked for them and it could lead to you owing money
  • check if you need to take your child to their travel arrangements and collect your child when they return, and
  • call your child’s school as soon as possible if you’re not sure about travel arrangements for your child

You should also make sure:

  • your child knows their responsibilities as a traveller
  • your child only packs clothes and personal items they need - if they need extra baggage or you’re unsure of the baggage limit, discuss this with the boarding school or hostel
  • you and your child know the travel arrangements and have the itinerary
  • your child has photo identification that matches the name on their ticket
  • your child follows the travel carrier’s rules at the transport terminal, including getting there early
  • your child understands they shouldn’t leave the transport terminal for any reason - this is very dangerous and we may contact police to find and return them to their travel arrangements, and
  • we and your child’s school have your contact details

Page last updated: 28 August 2018