Age Pension


Check if you’re eligible before you start your claim. You should submit your claim for Age Pension as soon as you can.


  • find out what you need to start your claim
  • complete the claim online or visit a Service Centre, if you can’t do this you will need to complete a paper claim form and an income and assets form
  • submit the form and other documents we ask for
  • wait for us to assess your claim and tell you the result

Before you start

You should:

What may be different

If you already get Centrelink income support

We’ll write to you 9 weeks before you reach Age Pension age and tell you what you can do to transfer to Age Pension.

If you live outside Australia

Read how you can claim through an international social security agreement.

Information you need for your claim

Your and your partner’s:


  • bank account name, number and BSB number
  • tax file number

Residence details if you’ve lived outside Australia. This includes:

  • visa information
  • the date you and your partner became Australian citizens
  • the dates you and your partner lived in other countries

When to claim

Submit your claim in the 13 weeks before you reach age pension age to get Age Pension as soon as you’re old enough.

Start your claim

You can now submit your claim online. It’s secure and simpler than filling in a form.

You don’t need to finish your online claim all at once. You can save your answers and finish it later.

Start your claim online

To make a claim online you need a Centrelink online account linked to myGov.

I have a myGov account linked to Centrelink

Sign in to myGov to start your claim.

Sign in with myGov

I have a myGov account, but it’s not linked to Centrelink

Sign in to myGov and select Services. For help, read our online guides to link Centrelink to your myGov account. 

I don’t have a Centrelink online account or a myGov account

If you’ve received a payment or service from us, you can use your Customer Reference Number (CRN)to get an online account. Find your CRN on a letter we’ve sent you or your Health Care Card, if you have one. Then, go to myGov to create a myGov account and use your CRN to link Centrelink.

If you don’t know your CRN or you haven't got a payment from us, go to a service centre with photo ID.  Tell us you want to register for an online account.

You can then create a myGov account and link to Centrelink.

If you live outside Australia, you may not be able to set up an online account.

Be Connected is an Australian Government program improving the digital literacy of older Australians. You can access online learning and a network of partners in your area.

If you can’t claim online

 Talk to us. Our staff will ask you some questions and help you with your claim. You can:

  • go to a service centre and ask what you need to do to claim Age Pension, or
  • phone us on the Age Pension line

Use the Claim for Age Pension and Pension Bonus form and the Income and Assets form, if you can’t:

Submit your claim

You need to submit:

  • your claim
  • any other documents we’ve asked for

You can do this online, by post or at a service centre.

Submit other documents

We may ask you for documents to help us assess your claim. If we ask you for extra documents, you must give these to us at the same time as you submit your claim. So we can pay you from the earliest date you are eligible, do this within 14 days of starting your claim.

If you give us your documents later than 14 days, your payment may start later.

We may not accept your claim if you don't give us all of the documents we ask for.

Proof of identity

You may need to confirm your identity when you claim Age Pension.

To confirm your identity you will need to visit a service centre and show your identity documents.

If you've had your photo identification verified at a service centre, you can submit your remaining documents online using the Upload documents service.

Other forms

When you do your claim, we may ask you to give us more information. You may need to complete some extra forms. We'll tell you which ones.

You don’t need to complete these forms unless we ask you to.

If you You need to complete
need to tell us about your finances Income and Asset information
are permanently blind Request for ophthalmologist/optometrist report
are self-employed or have a business Business details
have a private company Private Company details
have a private trust Private Trust details
have had compensation or damages Compensation and damages
want someone else to deal with us for you Authorising a person or organisation to enquire or act on your behalf

You can submit these forms online, through the Express Plus mobile app, by post or at a service centre. You need to do this when you submit your claim. If you can’t, contact us for more time.

Wait for the result

We’ll tell you:

  • if we accept your claim
  • when we’ll start paying you
  • how much you’ll get

If you claimed online, sign in to your Centrelink online account through myGov or to the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app and track its progress. We will give you an estimated completion date or tell you if your claim is on hold.

You have the right to appeal any decision we make. Read about reviews and appeals.

What may be different

If you’ve lived or worked outside Australia, we may ask you to apply for a pension from another country and tell us the result.

Your partner may need to do this as well, even if they don’t claim Age Pension.

Page last updated: 19 July 2018