Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme

Approved courses of study and institutions

The student must study full time in an approved course at an approved institution to get Assistance for Isolated Children.

Approved courses include:

  • accredited primary or secondary courses through a school, college, special school, distance or online education, or a Northern Territory Homeland Learning Centre
  • home schooling approved by a state or territory education authority
  • vocational education and training, statement of attainment or certificate courses, and other accredited tertiary training programs
  • approved courses for children with disability, ungraded living skills education or training courses in a residential or non-residential institution for children with disability or other special needs

Approved education institutions include:

  • government primary, secondary and senior secondary colleges
  • government special schools
  • Northern Territory Homeland Learning Centres
  • government distance education centres or schools, and Schools of the Air
  • non-government education institutions with primary, ungraded, secondary or special courses, including distance education, accredited by the state or territory education authority
  • government and private vocational education and training, or TAFE institutions that are registered training organisations
  • government and non-government residential or non-residential institutions for children with disability or other special needs
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