Documents you need to provide

You need to give us a copy of the assuree’s letter from the Department of Home Affairs. The letter will say the visa applicant must have an assurance of support.

If you’ll be the only assurer, or you’re giving a joint assurance, you can apply online.


You also need to give us all of the following:

To prove your Australian residence status you can give us a record of either your:

  • Australian citizenship
  • permanent residency.

To prove you have a job or ongoing income you can give us either:

  • 2 recent consecutive payslips
  • a letter from your accountant
  • a letter from your employer
  • a profit and loss statement.

You also need to give us evidence of your income for the previous financial year. For example a Notice of Tax Assessment for 2016–17. In some cases, you can get a letter from the Australian Taxation Office.


If you’re an organisation you can’t apply online. You need to apply by form.

If you’re an incorporated or unincorporated organisation, you need to give us all of the following:

  • all of the same documents as an individual needs to give us
  • proof of identity documents for the person applying on behalf of the organisation
  • proof your organisation has an address in Australia - this can be an active Australian Business Number
  • evidence of recent trading history for your organisation - either a tax return or a letter from a registered accountant
  • proof the authorised person can sign on behalf of the organisation.

If you’re an incorporated organisation you also need to give us evidence you’re on the Australian Business Register website.

Page last updated: 15 November 2018

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