Using BasicsCard

The BasicsCard can only be used in person at approved stores and businesses.

You need a 4-digit PIN to use it.

Watch the video to find out how to use your BasicsCard and keep it safe.

Buying items or services with BasicsCard

The BasicsCard can be used to buy items such as food, clothes, health items and hygiene products. Stores and businesses that are approved to accept it include some supermarkets, service stations, pharmacies, shoe shops and department stores. If these stores offer layby you can also layby items and use your card to pay it off.

Some services, such as transport services, Australia Post and some medical centres, accept the BasicsCard. This means you may be able to buy bus or train credit, pay some bills or pay for a doctor’s appointment using your BasicsCard.

If a store doesn’t accept the BasicsCard, we can arrange a direct payment to the store on your behalf. Contact our Income Management line to organise a payment to be made directly to a store.

It is not an ATM card and won’t release your income managed money for cash or credit. You also can’t use it to book-up credit in stores or businesses in Australia.

It cannot be used to buy:

  • alcohol
  • pornography
  • tobacco and tobacco products
  • gambling products
  • gambling services
  • home-brew kits and home-brew concentrates
  • gift cards or vouchers that can be transferred for cash or credit


Refunds for items bought using your BasicsCard will be returned to your card.

Terms and conditions

When you accept and use a BasicsCard you have responsibilities.

Read the terms and conditions for your BasicsCard.

Page last updated: 9 November 2018

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