Carer Adjustment Payment

A one off payment if your child under 7 gets a severe illness or has a major disability.

Who can get it

To get this payment:

  • you must provide care full time for a child under 7 who has a:
    • severe illness,
    • severe medical condition, or
    • major disability
  • you must get Carer Allowance for the child
  • you must have a very strong need for financial help
  • the child must need this care for at least 2 months
  • the child must have the severe illness, medical condition or major disability because of a catastrophic event
  • you and your partner can’t be getting Carer Payment or be able to get another income support payment from us

Time limit to apply

It must be less than 2 years after the first time a doctor diagnoses the severe illness, medical condition or major disability.

Catastrophic events

Catastrophic events are things like:

  • a car accident
  • a childhood stroke
  • childhood cancer
  • a fall
  • a fire
  • poisoning
  • near drowning

Payment rates

The most any family can get is $10,000 for each child for one catastrophic event.

How much you get depends on your family’s circumstances.

You won’t pay tax on this payment.

How to apply

Before you start

You should:

  • check if you’re eligible
  • make sure it’s less than 2 years since the date of diagnosis of the severe illness, medical condition or major disability

Claim form

Print and fill in the Carer Adjustment Payment claim form or:


We may ask you to provide other documents to support your claim. For example, it may ask for:

  • medical reports
  • bank statements
  • tax returns
  • letters from your employer
  • proof of need for financial help

Submit your claim

Submit your form and documents:

Wait for the result

A senior officer in the Department of Social Services will decide if you can get this payment.

We’ll tell you in writing:

  • if you can get it
  • how much you’ll get

You can ask for a review of the decision. Read about reviews and appeals.

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Page last updated: 12 May 2018

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