Carer Allowance

Change of circumstances

We need to know about changes that could increase, reduce or stop your Carer Allowance.

If you don’t tell us when these changes happen, you may be doing the wrong thing.

For example, you must tell us if you:

  • stop giving care for the person you get Carer Allowance for
  • move house
  • go outside Australia
  • start sharing the care with someone else
  • stop sharing the care with someone else and become the main carer

You must tell us if the person getting care:

  • now needs less care from you
  • goes into respite care or hospital
  • stops being a dependent child
  • goes outside Australia
  • dies

How and when to tell us

You can tell us your changes through our self service options.

You need to:

What happens if you don’t tell us

If you don’t tell us about changes in your life, we may pay you too much. If this happens you’ll have to pay the money back.

If you deliberately don’t tell us about changes, we could charge you with fraud.

Read how to avoid fraud.

Page last updated: 17 May 2018