Cashless Debit Card

The Australian Government is delivering payments in some areas using a Cashless Debit Card.

Where the card is available

The Cashless Debit Card is currently in 3 areas:

  • Ceduna, South Australia
  • Kununurra and Wyndham in the East Kimberly region of Western Australia
  • Goldfields region, Western Australia

Who it affects

Ceduna, Kununurra, Wyndham and Goldfields region

You will get a Cashless Debit Card if you’re getting a working age payment and you live in the current Cashless Debit Card areas of:

  • Ceduna, South Australia
  • East Kimberley region, Western Australia
  • Goldfields region, Western Australia

How it works

A Cashless Debit Card looks and works like a normal bank debit card, except you can’t use it to buy alcohol, gamble, or get cash out.

You still get your full payment but it’s in 2 parts. Some goes to your normal bank account and the rest goes to your cashless debit card.

Who can help with your card

The financial institution Indue Ltd provide your Cashless Debit Card and bank account.

Indue can help you:

  • activate your card
  • fix any problems with the card
  • check your balance
  • get your transaction history
  • report a lost or stolen card
  • setting up transfers and paying bills

Contact Indue online or call them on 1800 710 265.

Where to find out more

Read the Cashless Debit Card - Overview on the Department of Social Services website for more information. Use their payment calculator to see how your payment will be split.

Page last updated: 19 June 2018