Centrelink Confirmation eServices (CCeS)

Allows approved businesses to confirm your information with us and to check if you can get their concession, rebate or service.

Benefits of CCeS

CCeS saves you time and effort. Before, you had to ask us for the information and send or take it to the business yourself. Instead of you providing the information, approved businesses can use CCeS to see if you are eligible for their concession, rebate, or service. In most cases, the business will be able to tell you straight away.

To use CCeS, a business must have signed a contract with us. They will also need you to give your consent before they can confirm details about you.

CCeS is a secure service and we won’t share details with a business or organisation that they don’t need.

Types of CCeS

There are three eServices that approved businesses can use, depending on what information they need to confirm.

Customer confirmation

Confirms details such as:

  • Concession Card status
  • your name
  • residential address
  • number of dependent children
  • payment type, status, and amount

Income confirmation

Provides details relating to your financial status, such as:

  • type, amount, and date of your payment
  • number of dependent children and the percentage of shared care for each child
  • details of any deductions from your payment
  • details of any other income
  • details of your assets
  • your residential address
  • if you are partnered
  • historical information about any of the above details

Superannuation confirmation

Administrators and trustees of super funds use this service to check if you’re eligible for early release of super on the grounds of financial hardship.

Security and privacy

There are security and privacy rules that protect your information, and we strictly control and monitor a business’s access to CCeS. It is your choice to allow a business access to your personal information.

Read about your right to privacy to find out more about how we handle your personal details.

If you think a business has infringed your privacy or confidentiality, you should tell the business or contact us.

You can also ask us to stop particular businesses getting information about you.

Giving consent

Before a business can check your information they must get your consent. The consent notice you sign should say what information the business will access. It should also say what they will use it for.

The business may ask for your ongoing consent until you withdraw it or stop using the services of that business. Or they may ask for your consent for a single request.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by telling the business or us.

Once you give your consent the business can then use CCeS to enter your details, such as your Customer Reference Number (CRN) and name.

Page last updated: 30 August 2018

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