Centrelink online accounts

Update, advise, view and print your details and manage your appointments

You can use your Centrelink online account to change your appointment and to manage your personal details.

You can:

  • update - change your details
  • advise - provide information we’ve asked for
  • view - look at your records
  • print - create a printable version of your records
Action Update Advise View Print
Absences from child care Yes Yes Yes  
Add Newborn Child - to complete your claim for Paid Parental Leave or Family Tax Benefit Yes Yes    
Address, accommodation and contact details Yes Yes Yes  
Advance payment details and eligibility     Yes Yes
Application for payment form     Yes Yes
Bank account details - where your payments are sent Yes Yes Yes  
BasicsCard balance and transaction history     Yes Yes
Centrelink appointments     Yes Yes
Centrelink publication subscriptions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Centrelink statement     Yes Yes
Child care details and payments Yes Yes Yes  
Child Care Subsidy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Child schooling and education details Yes Yes    
Deduction statement     Yes Yes
Deductions for Centrepay and tax Yes Yes    
Detailed income and asset statement     Yes Yes
Employment income Yes Yes    
Employment income history     Yes Yes
Family income estimate Yes Yes    
Family income history     Yes Yes
Family Tax Benefit child reviews Yes Yes    
Healthy Start for School review Yes Yes    
Income and assets including savings, shares and other assets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Income Bank balance     Yes Yes
Income Management allocations     Yes Yes
Income Management statement     Yes Yes
Income statement     Yes Yes
Income Stream Review Yes Yes    
Manage your password and secret questions and answers Yes Yes    
Money you owe Yes Yes Yes  
Nominee arrangement Yes Yes Yes  
Non-lodgement of tax return Yes Yes    
Online claims     Yes Yes
Online letters     Yes Yes
Other government payments     Yes Yes
Parental income Yes Yes    
Payment history     Yes Yes
Payment summaries     Yes Yes
Rent Assistance Review Yes Yes    
Rent certificate - if you've recently updated your address or accommodation details with Centrelink     Yes Yes
Reporting dates     Yes Yes
Return to work Yes Yes    
Special Benefit Review Yes Yes    
Study details Yes Yes Yes  
Subscribe to electronic and SMS reminders Yes Yes    
Transfer funds from your Income Management account onto your BasicsCard Yes Yes    
Work, training or study details Yes Yes    
Work Bonus balance     Yes Yes
Working Credit     Yes Yes

Reschedule your appointment online

You can reschedule your appointment using your Centrelink online account.

  • sign in to your Centrelink online account through myGov
  • select the Personal Details tab in the menu
  • select Manage appointments
  • select the clock icon or the Reschedule option to make a change
You can also reschedule your appointments using your Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

You can reschedule appointments for:

  • Approved Activity Review appointment
  • Comprehensive Compliance Assessment
  • Compulsory Participation appointment
  • Disability Medical Assessment
  • Disability Support Payment Participation interview
  • Exemption Review appointment
  • Financial Information Service interview
  • Housing Authority - Income Management Referral
  • Income Management Initial and Exit interviews
  • Job seeker reassessment
  • Mature Age Voluntary Work Review appointment
  • New Claim appointment
  • Post Incapacitated Exemption Review
  • Parenting Payment appointment
  • ParentsNext appointment
  • ParentsNext Eligibility Assessment
  • Participation Requirements appointment
  • Payment or Service Review
  • Review appointment
  • Social Worker appointment
  • Student to Job seeker Transfer Participation appointment

Page last updated: 9 July 2018