Changes to your Centrelink payments

If your Centrelink payment changes it may affect your Centrepay deductions.

If we reduce your payment

We’ll continue to pay your deduction until your Centrelink payment is all used up.

If things change, you need to let us know if we need to update or delay your deductions.

You may also need to contact businesses to arrange an alternative payment method.

If we suspend your payment

Sometimes we can suspend your Centrelink payment for longer than 14 days. If this is the case, we’ll suspend your deduction.

You may also need to contact businesses to arrange an alternative payment method.

If we cancel your payment

We’ll cancel your deductions 14 days after we cancel your payment. If we restore your payment within the 14 days we won’t cancel your deductions.

You’ll need to contact each business that you’re making a deduction to and arrange an alternative payment method.

If you change to another payment

If you change to payments, there may be a gap between when you get your current payment to your new one.

If you get your new payment straight away, you should tell us if you want to keep your Centrepay deductions. You should call us on your regular payment line or go to a service centre.

If there’s a gap between payments, you’ll need to set up your Centrepay deductions again

You may also need to check with each business if you’ve missed any bills, so you can catch up.

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